Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Successful arrival!

I arrived safely in Graz on Sunday, October 5th. I'm without internet at home for the time-being, so I won't be updating very frequently until The Technician Man arrives. (That's their term for it, but I'm adopting it from now on.) So far, things are going ok. Super-disorganized, much as I expected and zero guidance on how to teach my courses apart from "u can make your own plan when u like." I guess this could be a very good thing or a very bad thing.

The good news is that my apartment is nice and the city of Graz is lovely. Lots of streetcars and buses to ride around on, some mountains to climb, and plenty of sweet stuff to eat. If you want to send me something (perhaps ibuprofen, candy, or my favorite pair of jeans that I somehow forgot to pack?), my new address is:

Prochaskagasse 14b/1
8045 Graz

More soon!


monkey with a pen said...

that clock tower doesn't look real. this is going to be like the moon landing -- the whole thing takes place on a set. i'll bet you're really in Minneapolis.

monkey with a pen said...

and that doesn't look like any pictures of Australia I've ever seen.

Martha Weir said...

I will post some kangaroo shots shortly.