Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just Touched Down in London Town

So nothing as cool as the Krampus has happened over here. The weather has taken a drastic turn for the worse as well, lots of upper 30s with rain and sleet and fog. Pretty dismal. Pete arrived last week. I hopped a flight over to London and met up with him there where we did the whirlwind tour of London and then headed back to Graz. Ryanair gets more ridiculous every time I take it. I guess selling lottery tickets isn't enough, they also have to come up with a slick new theme song. I can't get over how awful it is. Take a listen:

I think my favorite line is "sweets, sweets, lots of goodies on the trolley for you, whatever it is that you need of us, the friendly cabin crew." You know, just in case that 10 dollar sandwich wasn't satisfying.


Anonymous said...

It's Christmas morning in Lake Mary Florida - Gma & Aunt G wish Pete & Martha MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha and Pete- God jul på er! Hoppas allt är väl med dig. Vi hade en trevlig jul. Hoppas du gjorde också. Vi ses om några veckor. Var smart och säkert! Ha ett Gott Nytt År!

Love Mom and popz