Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back in Graz!

So finally a new post! I'm back in Graz after a wonderful trip home. Lots of snow, lots of sitting in front of the space heater and lots of eating way too much pizza and burritos. In my brief time home, I managed to visit the Ice Caves in Bayfield with Pete, spend some time in turtle lake with my mom and her cat, walk dogs, play lots of shows (including a Midwest tour of Lincoln, Kansas City, Lawrence, Witchita and Omaha), get my hand slammed in a van door, catch a bad cold, fall on the ice in a blizzard and mess my knee up, fix the toilet, get a new muffler, do my taxes, pay some bills, pet my cat, get a tattoo cover-up, and hang out with friends. It was just what I needed and now I'm back in sunny Austria, which is blowing my mind after spending 4 rainy, cloudy months here. Spring has hit, the sun is out and I'm looking forward to getting settled back in.

Oh, and after a 24 hour trip back to Graz, the water was broken in my apartment. I guess there had to be a hitch somewhere. It's just too bad it involved all the things i wanted to do when i got home, mainly use the bathroom and take a shower.

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Sonja said...

Hey! I just discovered your flickr and blog sites!

That's great that you got to go home for a while. I was home last winter too, and I also got a tattoo cover-up!

The weather in Korea is absolutely gorgeous right now too. Spring is beautiful. And I've just heard that I'll be able to go home for a couple weeks this summer too - sooooo excited!

Can't wait to hear more about your time in Austria ^^