Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Bavarian Trip

Yay, Obama!!! I stayed up until about 3am last night watching CNN and somehow managed to fall asleep before his victory was announced. There were lots of viewing parties in town -- at the Uni, at bars, all over. I guess the US as a superpower is pretty scary for everyone.

This last week has been nuts. I keep meaning to blog about my daily existence here -- put up some photos of my apartment, where i work, etc etc but I just haven't had a chance. I DID have the chance to go on a whirlwind trip to Munich with my friend Petra, who had an appointment to take the GRE. I remember complaining that I had to go to White Bear Lake to take the GRE; I take all that back now. Not only did Petra have to travel 6+ hours to get to the testing center, she also had to pay for a hotel, transportation AND pay a higher fee for the test itself. While she was saddled with that nightmare, I was skipping along beside her, footloose and fancy-free. We were only in Munich for a total of about 27 hours including sleep time but I managed to get all over town. What i discovered: Munich is huge and beautiful. (Unless you go to the outskirts. Then Munich is huge and sort of like Bloomington minus all the shopping malls.)

Favorites: St. Peter's church; you can climb to the top of the church tower and see panoramic views of the entire city. The New Town Hall; crazy and beautiful gothic architecture. Viktualienmarkt; a big street market in central Munich. Of course I also really liked all the pictures of German girls in traditional dress carrying comically-large beers: Like this.

Click here if you wanna see some photos from my trip.

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T Mama said...

I'm glad Munich was a good time. I can't wait to see you in Budapest!!!!