Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Crib

So people have been asking me if I could put up some photos of my place here in Graz, so I decided to do a little "Martha's Crib" blog. I don't exactly live in the suburbs, but I don't live very central either. I live at the end of the city tram line in a quiet residential area called Andritz. Lots of apartment buildings and lots of kids. This is my building:

I live on the ground floor, nearly dead-center in the photograph. Fairly non-descript place, but tidy and dead-quiet after all the kids go to sleep. I'm subletting, so the place is furnished which was a huge bonus.

My apartment is nice and cozy. Here are some photos of the inside:

I either take the bus or the tram to school. There is a direct bus, no direct tram but buses make me feel like vomiting so I usually opt for the tram:

I take my German classes at Karl-Franzen-Universit├Ąt in Graz. It's a small campus with many beautiful old buildings.

I teach a little distance off-campus in a small, old building on Johan-Fux Gasse. Basically you hike up this steep hill at the edge of campus for about 8 minutes and you will end up at my place of employment. The building is located in the middle of the botanical gardens, which is pretty great apart from the hornets' nests. It's not very fun to teach with hornets buzzing around your head.

If you want to see more photos of my place or where I work, I put some up on flickr. (I'm looking at you, Mom.) Click here.


Kelly said...

Great pictures, but I really loved the one of Spar, which brought back more memories! And, I am pleased that I knew the German word of the day, as well!

T Mama said...

I wish I could come visit one more time before I go home!! I miss my bed-drawer.